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A REDI rater is someone who wants to understand the real estate development process and create a system of accountability for developers.

As a REDI rater, you will be empowered to hold developers accountable to high professional standards and ensure that new construction projects in your neighborhood and the larger city where you reside will adhere to the REDI value system.

REDI raters will review developers against REDI criteria on accountability, transparency, and sustainability. REDI raters will be compensated for their time and commitment.

In order to become a rater, you must:

1)  Go through the REDI certification program, which will include coursework on the following:

  • Architecture of Development: learn the basic principles of sustainable design
  • Real Estate Finance: learn about real estate income and expense cash flow
  • Development Patterns: learn how cities evolve and how to stay ahead of patterns
  • Market Analysis: learn about rent pricing, property valuation, and strategies for preventing displacement.

2) Participate in the REDI retreat to get advanced training that will give you the skills to evaluate developers against the REDI criteria.

A REDI rater will be compensated for his or her time.

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