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By getting REDI rated, you demonstrate your leadership in establishing a new and necessary certification program for the real estate profession.

To become a REDI developer, a developer must get a REDI developer rating. The rating includes 4 rating levels 1.Platinum 2. Gold 3.Silver 4.Bronze. If a developer does not meet the REDI requirements then they will not receive a rating. A negative or bad rating will not be recorded.

Here is what the rating process looks like:

  • Developers will need to submit information similar to an underwriting package as well as information about past and current projects.
  • REDI will conduct a background check, interviews and research to create a profile package for raters to review.
  • Raters will review the profile against the REDI criteria.
  • Raters from the developer’s project area as well as outside the area will be assigned and a composite score will be determined after compiling the scores from the raters.
  • REDI will review the scores to ensure that raters from all areas rated objectively and standardly against the REDI criteria.

Additional submission requirements, processing timing and costs will be provided when the program is launched

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