Certification for Real Estate and Planning

Get Certified to Make Change

Get Certified! A REDI certification gives new developers and community members interested in having a say in what gets built the opportunity to learn the ropes of real estate. The certification program is a prerequisite to becoming a rater.

Through the REDI certification process gives instruction on the following topics:
  1. Architecture of Development: the importance of design and construction materials, green design.
  2. Real Estate Finance: Introduction to income and expense cash flow in real estate development.
  3. Development Patterns: understanding how cities evolve and how to stay ahead of patterns.
  4. Market Analysis: advanced understanding of rents and property valuation, gentrification, and how to prevent displacement.

After going through this extensive certification process, participants will be prepared to integrate best practices in equitable development into future projects both as developers and community members deciding on what gets built in their neighborhoods and cities.

The REDI certification program aspires to create the next generation of informed citizens and developers who will catapult the real estate development to a higher professional standard.

Join us in paving the way!

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