The Developer Apprentice Program

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Participation in the Developer Apprentice Program gives emerging developers hands on skills in equitable real estate development through expert mentorship.

REDI recruits aspiring developers of character and affinity for the communities and cities they serve to be part of the Developer Apprentice Program (DAP). Emerging developers are well positioned to serve as catalysts in neighborhoods that have been historically underinvested and marginalized. These developers will become the models for equitable real estate development while gaining access to emerging markets.

DAP provides participants with a core set of skills that include the following:

  • Design protocol
  • Working with end users
  • Financing and budgeting process
  • Construction draw/requisition process
  • Change order process
  • Loan covenants and risks involved

Developers who go through this program will also become eligible for construction and other capital investments from REDI and partners.

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