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A vital resource for government to identify developers from outside the small pool of known players.

REDI enables city government staff and elected officials to find and evaluate developers who are integral to transforming neglected communities in transition.

REDI developers are committed to hiring locally and supporting local businesses, creating a fertile ground for critical services, preserving historic properties through adaptive reuse, and building sustainably. All of these qualities can be leveraged by government in their effort to boost local economy and bridge the gap between affluent and neglected communities.

REDI’s innovation rests in development professionals regulating themselves in collaboration with the communities they serve. We need higher standards to bring about equitable and sustainable change for all residents served by government.

REDI can work with governments to vet developers for public projects and provide a platform for community engagement. Let us work with you to create a more efficient and equitable real estate development process.

Dayna Cunningham

Real estate development is seen as being a good but there are underlying social questions that get ignored when thinking of it just in terms of market value.

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