REDI Legislator Program

REDI to Partner for Change?

The REDI platform helps governments address the challenges they face in creating vibrant and prosperous cities that work for everyone.

Good governments aspire to create affordable and livable communities.

But with budgetary and bureaucratic constraints, it has not always been easy to identity and select the best developers for public real estate projects. This is where REDI comes in.

REDI works with governments to alleviate the burden by doing the due diligence to find the right developers to work on projects or to support through investments and subsidies. REDI also gives governments a way to work with community members by making them part of the decision making process.

By leveraging the REDI rating system, governments are given the guarantee that a developer has been thoroughly evaluated on social and financial metrics.

Governments will want to work with REDI developers because of their established track record in building equitably.

Let us help you by connecting you to these developers and the community voices that will help you meet your affordability and livability goals.


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