REDI Retreat

REDI to Have Your Say?

Take your belief in affordable and equitable housing to the next level by becoming a REDI rater.

The REDI retreat is a meeting place for people of various backgrounds interested in creating outcome based solutions on housing and community development across America’s great cities, particularly areas that have been historically neglected.

The retreat will give participants the knowledge and tools to work within the development process to make a difference in how communities are developed and by whom. The retreat will cover the following:

  • Review REDI and all the different programs (education, rating, developer apprentice, investor programs)
  • Understand what makes a REDI developer and review sample projects.
  • Review the REDI criteria, profile creation process, and rating process
  • Participate in team building with other raters in your city and beyond

A REDI rater will be compensated for his or her time.

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