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Putting communities front and center, REDI provides tools for their engagement in determining what gets built and by whom.

Developers who go through our rating system are those who adhere to our three main core values: 1) transparency & accountability, 2) sustainability & design, and 3) community empowerment.

Through REDI, communities will have a way to shorten their search for and approval of projects proposed for their neighborhoods. It’s an innovative and transparent way to check on past performances, the financial viability, the dedication to communities, and the overall quality of a developer’s past work. REDI partners with communities who care about the future of their neighborhoods and how they evolve.

In order to create the greatest potential possible, communities need to have as much information available about developers who hope to build and rebuild in their midst.

REDI’s criteria requires that a developer submit reports from past projects, financial statements, sustainability assessments, as well as vital feedback from the communities – all of this is part of being rated by REDI.

Community organizations will have access to the REDI rating results so that they can educate their neighborhoods and gather a consensus about which developers to partner with.

The REDI Index aspires to create block after city block of revitalization that addresses critical social and economic issues in America's long neglected cities.

Yorman Nunez

REDI challenges bad gentrification by giving us tools to build collective ownership over land.

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