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REDI works with developers to maximize the social impact of their financial investments.

Real estate developers influence not just what gets built, but ultimately play a role in determining the future of residents across generations.

Development is intended to be a service for communities, just as an urban planner and financial advisor would be if merged into one role.

REDI provides a meeting place for like-minded community oriented developers to share best practices and support a better approach to revitalizing community. It is also the place for them to meet socially conscious investors, and for community members to learn more about their past projects and future plans to support sustainable neighborhoods. Through in-person and online engagement, REDI creates opportunities for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaboration on best practices amongst developers. Without a well informed, networked, financed, and organized sustainable developer community our cities run the risk of being socially segregated.

The REDI Developer also recognizes the obligation to pass on their skills and wisdom to the next generation of development professionals.

Learn about the REDI criteria.

The REDI certification program allows developers to demonstrate their willingness to work with communities to ensure that new projects meet the social and economic needs of the end user.

Thibault Manekin

To be a good developer, you must fall back and really listen.

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