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REDI connects socially conscious investors to like-minded developers and emerging real estate markets.

The growing interest in socially responsible investing ("SRI") is a shift from making investments solely guided by self-interest and financial gain.

Real estate has proven to be a dependable form of investing for long term financial gain and sustainability. But cities have not been able produce enough affordable and workforce housing to keep up with the rate of units being converted into luxury housing. Moreover, newly built units target those households at the top end of the economic ladder.

REDI will work with investors to identify developers that have the combined track record of financial astuteness, a commitment to building equitably by working with communities and not against them.

Given the great demand for affordable and workforce housing, as well as the diminishing supply, a natural and mutually beneficial alliance can be forged between SRI Investors and REDI Developers.

Do you want to gain access to a community of socially and fiscally responsible developers? Are you interested in investing in the REDI platform? Get in touch with us.

Phil Thompson

Development does not need to contradict affordable housing assets or broader community amenities.

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